Knihovna je zavřena

Study Room of Historical Collection

I. Access to the study room

  • It is necessary to book access to the Study­ Room of Historical Collections at least one day in advance (in person, by e-mail, or by phone).
  • Access shall only be granted to those with either a valid Reader’s Identification Card or a confirmation of the payment of a one-off fee.
  • Visitors are required to leave coats, jackets, briefcases, laptop bags, handbags etc. at the cloakroom.
  • Only laptops without bags may be brought into the study room. Researchers may also bring their own publications, which they are to show to the staff member in charge upon arrival. When leaving, such publications must be submitted for checking.
  • No notes or extracts in any packages or folders may be brought in.
  • Children under 10 years are forbidden to enter the study room, even with their parents.

II. Occupying seats in the study room

  • Each visitor is entitled to only one work seat. If all the seats are occupied, remaining in the study room to wait for someone to leave is not permitted.
  • The study room staff are entitled to choose the work seat for the researcher.
  • Only 6 seats are reserved for study (see the main large table), and not the seat at the computer. This seat serves only to search for electronic documents and it is not permissible to study documents there.

III. The user’s rights and obligations

  • The researcher has the right to borrow materials from the reference library for in-house use. Each researcher may take out a maximum of 3 books from the reference library; when leaving, they are to leave the books on the table – they are not to return them to the reference library. Books must not be taken out of the study room without permission.
  • To write notes, only a pencil of a reasonable hardness (2 HB) may be used; there are blank sheets of paper available as well. Notes in the form of sheets of paper or notebooks may be used, provided they are submitted to an orientation check to the staff member in charge by the researcher upon arrival and when leaving.
  • It is possible to study only one volume from the so-called historical collection (reasoned exceptions must be allowed by the staff member in charge).
  • Especially when studying manuscripts and incunabula, the researcher is obliged to use foam blanks and wear gloves.
  • When borrowing books from the safe-deposit vault, the researcher is obliged to fill in the Researcher Sheet, entering true and complete data. Only a valid ID may serve for their verification.
  • If the required document has already been digitised, the original is only lent for study purposes in very specific cases, upon agreement with the staff member in charge.
  • The users are obliged to keep quiet and follow the instructions of the staff members in charge.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, eat, drink, or make phone calls in the study room.

IV. Leaving the study room

  • When leaving the study room, the user’s own books, laptops, and notes must be submitted to the staff member in charge for checking, and a visitor card must be confirmed and presented at the cloakroom. When studying historical collections, the user is obliged to wait for the staff member in charge to take over the books before leaving.