Knihovna je zavřena

Main Study Room

  • s intended for in-house loan of specific documents (separate recent numbers of Czech and foreign periodicals, older bound periodicals of small format and monographic publications that can be studied only within the library)
  • provides library and information services
  • manages and innovates collections of the reference library placed in the Main Study Room
  • builds, processes and provides access to the collection of specific technical documents for in-house loan (standards and patents) and maintains the appropriate information resources
  • allowes self-service in-house copying
  • offers access to a full-text electronic database of standards for searching and viewing, not for printing, making copies or sending by e-mail
  • the list of accessible periodicals is displayed in the Main Study Room (Czech only).
WARNING : printed standards (accessible just up to 2008) will be ready for you at circulation desk in the Main Study Room the first working day after you make your order
  • By Act nr. 22/1997 Col. it is prohibited to copy standards.