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Multimedia Study Room

Access ­to the Internet

Registered readers may use the Internet free of charge. Non-registered rea­ders must provide their ID and pay a one-day registration fee according to the valid price list. There are 10 computers in the study room; they are connected to the Internet, and printing is also available. Internet users are expected to know how to work with it.

Accessing the collection of the Multimedia Study Room:

The following may be ­lent out for 14 days:

  • CD with text content (conference collections, university textbooks, encyclopaedias...)
  • Music CD – may be lent out only after a nine-month-long delay period (during this period, these works may only be lent in-house)
  • spoken word – audiobooks, interviews, radio plays, debates, language CDs etc. The same delay period applies to these documents as well
  • audio library – a special collection of audiobooks in MP3 format intended only for the blind and visually impaired.
  • eReaders and iPads – the loans of these devices are governed by special conditions.

The following materials are available only in the Multimedia Study Room:

  • videos
  • multimedia
  • PC games
  • supplements to computer magazines
  • software
  • Sony PRS-T1 eReader with the location number W 6, with which it is allowed to work only within the Multimedia Study Room (without the need to sign any contract). The in-house loan is for a maximum of 1 day. The eReader cannot be ordered or otherwise booked in advance.

Note: documents from the collection of the Multimedia Study Room which cannot be lent out are marked “Within the AV media study room only” in the catalogue.

The documents located in the Multimedia Study Room cannot be ordered via the electronic catalogue. The staff member in charge will bring the specified document upon request.

Multimedia content, including videos and music, can be played on a multimedia player.

One computer without an Internet connection is reserved for work with CD-ROMs; the staff member in charge will turn it on if necessary. At the other computers, which are connected to the Internet, you can only use your own USB flash drive.

For easier orientation in the collection of the study room, you can use one of the databases (audio, video, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, e-books, spoken word, audiobooks for the blind, or eReaders).