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Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
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Optimization of the Status of the Research Library in Olomouc within the MOLIN Consortium


  1. Grant summary
  2. Project summary

1. Grant summary

The project Optimizing the Status of the Research Library in Olomouc within the MOLIN Consortium is granted by Open Society Institute-Budapest, part of Soros Foundation Networks.

Total amount designed for the project: 46 696 USD.

Brief timetable of the project: from October 1998 to December 1999.

Contacts to National Soros foundation:

	Open Society Fund Praha
	Staroměstské náměstí 22

	110 00  Praha 1

2. Project summary

The project "Optimizing the Status of the Research Library in Olomouc within the MOLIN Consortium" rises from the idea to open rich and precious resources of the venerable library to up-to-date effective use, which can be realized by becoming a full-value partner in the MOLIN consortium.

Present automation is based on CDS/ISIS system which does not allow system linkage with outside surroundings. Any contribution to central databases and union catalogues operating in National Library in Prague or Regional Library in Brno proceedes in dosing regime only. The system handicappes the library even with the fact that its databases cannot be displayed on the Internet. Besides, the system is only databased, not integrated; the loan and readers' module is extra programmed in FoxPro, which is a discompatible software regarding CD/ISIS.

To eliminate all this insufficiency, the library decided for ALEPH integrated library system and corresponding hardware equipment. This was a key to enter the MOLIN project together with Moravian Regional Library in Brno, Masaryk University in Brno, and Palacky University in Olomouc. This creates the first project, affiliating university and public libraries, first verification of the two communicating systems - Israeli ALEPH and British TINLib. The project has been supported by American Mellon Foundation.

Although the consortium partners approved the pressing need of the Research Library in Olomouc that bears both hardware and software equipment task (-its grant portion is highest-), the funds still do not allow the technical equipment, even if the means of the state budget are considered.

The project promisses:

  • online linkage to the system surroundings
  • displaying outputs on the Internet
  • participation in shared cataloguing
  • participation in the virtual catalogue of the 4 MOLIN partners

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