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Optimization of the Status of the Research Library in Olomouc

Characterization of the MOLIN project

The aim of realization of the MOLIN (Moravian Library Information Network) project is to allow two universities and two research libraries to collectively form a library information network in Moravian part of the Czech Republic. This includes Moravian Regional Library in Brno (MZK), Research Library in Olomouc (VKOL), and university library systems of Masaryk University in Brno (MU) and Palacky University in Olomouc (UP).

MOLIN is conceived as one of the CASLIN + (Czech and Slovak Library Information Network) projects that have been funded by the Andrew W.Mellon Foundation and therefore assumes close cooperation with the latter's primary center in the Czech Republic, the National Library in Prague. The primary aim is to build a "virtual" catalogue that would enable easy, shared acess to the central catalogues of each of the four libraries.

MOLIN was established with the CASLIN idea in mind: it understands itself as its extension and active member. This means not only the possibility. This means not only the possibility of participation in the CASLIN union catalogue and therefore in the adoption of uniform library standards such as ISBD, AACR2 and UNIMARC, but also in its governance and future development. It is one of the aims of MOLIN to make it possible for other libraries in the region to join in it at a future date.

The automation of the MOLIN libraries began several years ago. Even before Tinlib and Aleph entered the stage, all libraries had been using Unesco's ISIS and the Czech cataloguing system MAKS. However, after several years of concentrated development but uneven investment, only three of the four libraries can speak of a comprehensive "on-line" system in place.

MZK (Moravian Regional Library):

As one of the founding members of CASLIN, the Moravian Regional Library is now working with the Aleph program in all its technical and public services and is "on-line" both within the library on LAN and on the Internet (conditions permitting). It therefore represents the technical as well as logical connection of MOLIN to CASLIN.

MU (Masaryk University):

One of the first concerns that Masaryk University faced, after the many decades of neglect came to a close in 1989, were negative consequences of its physical and logistical dislocation (135 departmental libraries at MU).
More recently (1995) a university wide Unix server is dedicated to "mirroring" all the on-line catalogues as a single union catalogue which also makes it accessible on the INTERNET. The Mellon funds are being used to upgrade the internal and external memories of this server, purchase DOS servers and workstations for those local libraries that are inadequatly equipped and provide the minimum amount of OPAC world-wide-web browsers for all library locations.
MU, as well as majority of university libraries in Czech Republic, works with British library system Tinlib.

UP (Palacky University):

Library information services of Palacky University in Olomouc are concentrated into renovated building of PU Information Center. The Information Center will house the main University Library, Computer Center, Audio-Visual Center, Publishing Center and University Bookstore. The library is the first central library at Palacky University. It has an open stack arrangement, an on-line catalogue, an electronic book check-out system.
PU Library works with Unix version of British library system Tinlib. Union catalogue is consisted of seven local catalogues and it is accessible via the Internet services Telnet (telnet: and WWW ( 110 users can simultaneously work with this system.

VKOL (Research Library):

In the mid 1980's, Research Library participated in a library automation project spearheaded by the National Library in Prague using the ISIS system. It has gained much experience in perfecting the system and now holds one of the largest databases (over 250.000 records) in the Czech Republic. Today, it is still operating under ISIS system and a LAN of low capacity personal computers funded from the library's own budget.
Using Mellon funds and own means, the library will purchase a powerful Unix server, a new library automation software that fulfills CASLIN cataloguing standards and the necessary peripherals (including a few graphic OPAC terminals).

Contributions of the MOLIN project

  • availability of ample databases of research libraries of the consortium on the Internet (numbers of records from March 10, 1998):

Moravian Regional Library in Brno: 288.363

  • union catalogue of state research libraries (KAKS) operated in Aleph in MZK Brno 104.498

Research Library in Olomouc:

  • current accession filed since 1990: 93.146
  • retroconversion - records of literature since 1964: 305.957

Total content represents 791.964 records that are at disposal to all libraries connected on the Internet, free of charge.

We emphasize that electronic records are filed in all correspondent libraries either directly, or in so called exchangeable format (National Library standard) convertible with UNIMARC. Systems in the libraries of MOLIN consortium work with 39.50 transcript (VKOL in the days to come). Both the research libraries take part in a number of cooperative projects of the National Library of Czech Republic in Prague. Outputs from these projects (parallel and retrospective national bibliographies) can be at disposal to correspondent university libraries.

  • Download of records between Tinlib catalogues through the Internet enables operating of online record transfer between libraries and offers a possibility of changing uneffective contemporary system (everybody cataloguing their own resources by themselves) to much more serviceable cooperative cataloguing. MOLIN system, in this product, is a representative for the whole Tinlib environment of university libraries in the Czech Republic.
  • Parallel ParTIN browser of Tinlib catalogues (developed at Masaryk University in Brno) is an implement serving to creating virtual union library catalogues above single Tinlib catalogues in the Internet with web TinWEB divide (created at Palacky University in Olomouc). This product, as well, is contributory to Czech university libraries.
  • Creating "virtual union MOLIN catalogue" follows the first stage of TINLIB browser (see above) and will provide a browser enabling to search in both library systems (TINLIB and ALEPH) used by libraries of the MOLIN consortium.

The MOLIN project, during its implementation, has already exceeded its scope. Its contributions are being referred by participant libraries employees at the top librarians' meetings (annual conference Libraries of the Present, annual university libraries' session), and the results published in reports and special print.

To become a full-value MOLIN consortium correspondent, Research Library needs its set up to be completed. MZK Brno, as one of the four biggest libraries of the former Czechoslovac Republic, based its set up on CASLIN project supported by Mellon foundation, and on Culture Ministry of the Czech Republic means. University libraries of Masaryk University in Brno and Palacky University in Olomouc, as an educational section, gain their equipment from the funds provided by Department of Education, and as well from national and international grants.

The absence of these possibilities contributes to a disadvantageous position of VK Olomouc within the consortium.

mplementation of the ALEPH 500 system into the library working and integration of the library into MOLIN consortium as well as into the outer environment of the system

The up-to-date situation outline

The computer network of the library has been built since 1992 for 8 special library departments.
Now it involves library spaces in two buildings connetced together by an optical cable. Optical filament, as well, connects the library with seven Palacky University faculties.


  • conversion of bibliographic data into ALEPH 500 system
  • bibliographic data exposal on the Internet
  • OPAC installation for users
  • implemmentation of the ALEPH system into the processing line


  • creating a double-system (ALEPH, TinLib) environment within the MOLIN consortium as a precondition of full integration
  • creating an example of full functionality of a double-system consortium
  • full compatibility with the biggest libraries (National Library in Prague, Moravian Regional Library in Brno) - possibility of a shared warranty for:
    • completeness of Czech national bibliography (all the three
    • libraries are mandatory deposit holders)
    • processing Czech authority files in homogenous ALEPH environment


  • conversion of automated loan process into ALEPH 500 system


  • integrated system will allow communication with electronic catalogue of resources
  • automated order will be available not only to library visitors,but to the general (also out-of-Olomouc) specialist public from the PCs on their desks

Timetable of the project

Stage 1 Purchase and installation of the server June 1 - July 15
Stage 2 Installation and testing the ALEPH software July 1-September 30
Stage 3 Library staff training
Special consultations with the top institutions in the Czech Republic (National Library in Prague, Moravian Regional Library in Brno, Palacky University in Olomouc, Masaryk University in Brno)
July 1 - September 30
Stage 4 Implementation of ALEPH software into the processing line - experimental half-operation Novemb. 1 - December
Stage 5 Conversion electronic catalogues of the library.
Data conversion of automated loan process
Novemb. 1 - December 31
Stage 6 Opening OPAC to the users public January 1 - January 31
Stage 7 Extending public Internet workplace in a separate study room February 1 - February 28
Stage td> Exposing electronic databases of the library on the Internet February 1 - February 28
Stage 9 Starting routine operation of automated works January 1 - December 31
Stage 10 Integration into the cooperative configuration in Czech librarianship (MOLIN, CASLIN and others) June 1 - December 31

There will be maximum attention paid to the publicity of the project (papers at special conferences - Libraries of the Present, University libraries' annual meetings). One separate edition of a special quarterly journal "Knihovni obzor" (Library horizon) will be devoted to the topic. The journal is being editted since 1993 by the Research Library in Olomouc, published in 600 copies and distributed to special librarians' public round all Czech Republic.

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